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We take pride in the thousands of entrepreneurs we've empowered to start successful businesses and transform their lives. Read their inspirational stories below.

Jane Smith
City: Miami, FL

Business: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

Jane worked low-paying hospitality jobs for years before finding WOG. As a single mother, she struggled to provide for her family while lacking opportunities for advancement. Jane dreamed of starting an eco-friendly home cleaning business but lacked knowledge and funds.

Through our Angels Support program, Jane gained business training and mentorship. We provided website design, cleaning supplies, uniforms, and flyers to launch with our sponsorship funds from an Angel Adopter.

One year since starting her cleaning company, Jane has 10 regular clients and earned $60,000 in revenue. She can support her family while growing on her own terms. Jane is grateful for the chance to turn her passion into a career.

Jennifer Lopez
City: Denver, CO

Business: Bookkeeping and Home Services

Jennifer worked as an assistant bookkeeper for years, with no benefits and limited career growth potential. She dreamed of starting her own bookkeeping and home services company but lacked the business knowledge and funds to get started.

After completing the Angels Support Program, Jennifer gained the skills to turn her passion into a thriving business. Our sponsorship enabled her to get her business registered, purchase software, create branding materials, and launch a website.

Six months after starting her company, Jennifer has several retained clients and manages bookkeeping for local home service businesses. She is proud to finally be building a future on her own terms thanks to the support of WOG.

I never could have started my bookkeeping service without the Angels Support program. WOG gave me hope that I could build a better life."-

Samuel G. New Orleans, LA Entrepeneur

Sponsoring entrepreneurs through WOG has been incredibly rewarding. Seeing the small businesses we helped adopt thrive makes me proud of the positive change we are creating

Tina O. Wakefield Enterprises Corporate Sponsor

WOG gave me the confidence and skills I needed to start my own cleaning business. I went from making minimum wage to being my own boss, thanks to their training and support.

Jane S. Chicago, IL Entrepeneur
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